Nuestro PAC is a partisan Super PAC that uses the successful model of Latino outreach that was instrumental to delivering early victories for Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential race to educate, mobilize and turn out Latinos in key states for the 2020 General Election and beyond.


In 2020, Sen. Bernie Sanders dominated the Latino vote in almost every early primary state. What became a historic campaign to mobilize and turn out Latino voters also set the standard for what successful Latino outreach looks like. Given the amount of money, staff and tactics invested and attempted, the premise that Latinos don't vote was proven wrong.

After Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, the architect of the widely successful operation, Chuck Rocha, formed Nuestro PAC (Our PAC). As Senior Advisor to the campaign and President of Solidarity Strategies, Rocha and his team stand uniquely poised to run the most culturally competent Independent Expenditures in the history of political campaigns.