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NEW AD: New National Pro-Biden Ad to Run During the Democratic Convention

WASHINGTON -- America’s Progressive Promise PAC today released the first in a series of national television and digital ads featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden, in which Sanders states that the former Vice President would be “the most progressive president since FDR.” The ad, “Come Together,” which features Sanders himself, is backed by a six-figure cable buy and will run during the Democratic National Convention this month.

WATCH “Come Together” HERE

“The importance of the Democratic primary coalition that supported Senator Sanders cannot be overstated in the general election and it is critical that we reach out to them. And there is no more effective messenger than Bernie Sanders in his own words,” said Jeff Weaver, founder of America’s Progressive Promise PAC. “There are certainly policy differences between Senator Sanders and Vice President Biden, but as Bernie Sanders has made clear we must all come together to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden. Those of us in the progressive movement will continue to push for transformative change after the election but there won’t be any progress if Trump is re-elected.”

The ad, which is one of five, is part of ongoing work by America’s Progressive Promise PAC to mobilize Sanders’ supporters in support of Joe Biden and lock in progressive policy gains. The PAC, in partnership with Nuestro PAC, focuses on three of the core constituencies of Sanders’ base, including Latino voters, young voters of all races, and progressives both inside and outside the Democratic Party.

Since suspending his campaign, Sen. Sanders has engaged in a unity process with the Vice President’s campaign including a series of policy task forces that found common ground between the two wings of the Democratic Party on a number of issue s. In addition, the Democratic Party Convention rules committee, whose members were appointed by Biden, Sanders, and the DNC, voted unanimously to retain important electoral reforms that were put in place for the 2020 primary season. However, enthusiasm for Biden among many Sanders’ supporters in public polling is still relatively low and their votes will be critical to defeating Trump in November.

In the lead up to the November election, America’s Progressive Promise PAC will air ads in key battleground states, as well as targeted digital, mail and organizing campaigns, to turn out Sanders’ supporters for Biden and critical down ballot races. Last month, America’s Progressive Promise PAC partnered with Nuestro PAC to launch one of the largest Spanish-language ad campaigns of the cycle in Arizona, Michigan and North Carolina. In the coming months, both PACs plan to expand operations into additional states.


Bernie Sanders: “Every person who voted for me and for the other candidates understands Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of our country, and that it is

absolutely imperative that we come together to defeat him — and defeat him badly.”

“Whether it is health care, whether it’s the environment or climate change, whether it’s

education, whether it's in the economy — Joe Biden will be the most progressive

president since FDR.”

Joe Biden for President.


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