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Nuestro PAC Launches One of the Largest Bilingual Latino Outreach Programs in Florida

September 24, 2020 Contact: WASHINGTON -- Nuestro PAC, in partnership with America’s Progressive Promise PAC, announced today the launch of the most comprehensive in-language Florida Latino outreach program in the lead up to the presidential election. The program is backed by a seven-figure buy-- over $2.2 million-- in statewide TV ad buys, mail and digital ads. Nuestro PAC is partnering with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and VoteVets as part of the Florida program, which will run for four weeks to correspond with early voting. 

“Intentional direct spending on outreach to Latinos in Florida is exactly what Vice President Biden needs at this moment to ensure victory against the most racist president in modern American history,” said Chuck Rocha, founder of Nuestro PAC. “Nuestro PAC is building a broad coalition with partners like SEIU and VoteVets to double down on outreach to the Latino community and deliver the vote for Biden and Harris. We are going to make sure every single Latino voter in Florida has all of the information they need to cast their vote on November 3rd.”

The program encompasses millions of bilingual mailers to every persuadable and newly registered Latino voter in Florida, as well as three major video spots running on TV and on digital. The first ad, called “Back”, highlights Biden’s background and record for Latino voters, focused on his upbringing in a working class and Catholic family, his role in raising his sons after the death of his wife and daughter, and record as Vice President.



Nuestro PAC, in partnership with SEIU, will also run a long-form, three-minute ad called “If I Were President,” based on the song it features from the Chicano band Las Cafeteras. The ad features Biden in his own words describing his platform for Latino families. The ads will run in conjunction with “Mi País,” an ad released yesterday in partnership with VoteVets targeting Puerto Rican voters in Orlando. 

Recent polling has Biden and Trump running neck-in-neck in the swing state of Florida, while questions remain about the efficacy of Biden’s Latino outreach as he continues to underperform compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Nuestro PAC and America’s Progressive Promise PAC are some of the few independent expenditure PACs focused solely on Latino outreach.

“In the primary campaign, we saw the extraordinary power Latinos have to shift election outcomes and political narratives-- but we must work for their votes,” said Jeff Weaver, founder of America’s Progressive Promise PAC. "Joe Biden has an economic agenda of higher wages, more jobs, and better educational opportunities that will uplift the Latino community and people everywhere.  The challenge in these final weeks is to speak to the community with the incredibly high testing creative we have produced.  Sadly there's a lot of cookie cutter advertising out there that just does not move the needle. We are working day and night to change that.”

The PACs were created by senior aides to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential runs which saw overwhelming support from the Latino community. Last week, Nuestro PAC announced they will send seven-figures worth of bilingual mail to persuadable and newly registered Latino voters in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

"With less than 40 days left until Election Day there remain some critical and urgent gaps to meet the levels of Latino support that we will need to see this year,” said Stephanie Valencia, co-founder of EquisLabs. “We cannot take anything for granted in these closing days of the election as anything can happen. There is a short and quickly closing window to communicate to Latino voters to ensure we achieve the levels of support and turnout of Latino voters to propel Joe Biden to the White House."

Last month, Nuestro PAC released an ad featuring Kristin Urquiza speaking about her father’s death and endorsing Joe Biden. They have also launched one of the largest Spanish-language ad campaigns of the cycle in Arizona, Michigan and North Carolina.


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